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The Grove.  The Square.  Hotty Toddy.  Taylor Grocery.  Red and Blue.  Square Books. 
These are words that are evocative of a specific place and feeling---Ole Miss at Oxford. And in this book by William H. Morris, Jr., we have photographs that will stir memories of lazy afternoons in the Grove or strolling in the Square and will stimulate the senses with the action of the football games played in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and the bustling Oxford milieu.

Ole Miss at Oxford: A Part of Our Heart and Soul...

Is a collection of approximately 300 beautiful photographs spanning more than twenty years of life at Ole Miss and in Oxford. Through this book, Bill takes us on a wonderful meandering path through the graceful town of Oxford, home to many true literary greats, one of the oldest department stores in the U.S., and one of the nation’s greatest bookstores. We journey to the Grove for gatherings of food, fun, and fellowship before the big game, and they are all big games. The excitement is almost tangible as the players burst onto the field before crowds of enthusiastic fans ready to see the Rebels perform amazing football feats. Then, it’s back to the Grove for celebrations that are heightened or commiserations that are lessened by the sharing of them with family and friends. We travel back to town and encounter parades, festivals, and nightlife. These photographs become a record and provide a means for us to see people and places that are no longer, because Bill Morris took the time to see and to photograph.   


Bill Morris has captured the essence of this very special place in the spectacular photographs included in this book to be shared by all. This book is a true “Welcome to Ole Miss and Oxford,” as a banner over Neilson’s reads in a photograph early in the book.  Buy the book to begin your journey.

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Over 300 full-color photographs, 232 pages, hardback  $45


The perfect addition to your coffeetable collection

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Readers' Comments

“It was wonderful of you to send me the Ole Miss book. Barbara and I appreciate the kind words. They truly mean a lot these days.” President George H. W. Bush

Thank you for sharing such a special gift. I have spent the past hour looking through your book and enjoying all of the beautiful photos. Ole Miss is such an amazing campus, and the pages of your book capture so many fabulous events and memories.”  Ainsley Earhardt Proctor, Fox News

“We have your book—it’s a real tour de force.Thank you on behalf of Oxford and Ole Miss.”  –Will Lewis, Oxford resident

“Your beautiful book with your lovely message to Ashley has arrived!!!! I opened it to show Bob the gorgeous photographs, and the campus excitement and welcoming atmosphere of Oxford jumped right off the pages. What a treasure for Ole Miss students, alumns, fans, faculty, the list goes on and on, to possess and to pass down to future generations.” -Sunny, Austin, Texas


“We’ve never been to Oxford, but after gazing at all the fantastic photos we can’t wait to go!  I can see why people find it such a special place.” – Kelly from Georgia

“Your book on Ole Miss at Oxford – its great!  I have several different Ole Miss books but yours captures the spirit as well as the beauty.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”  Charles L Overby Chairman, Freedom Forum.


“I spent Saturday afternoon curled up on my couch with your book. It is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for this gorgeous collection of words and photography.”—Ann, Millsaps graduate


“I just love your book!! It is beautiful and something I will cherish for a long time. I loved your introduction—it was so interesting and well written. You are a great writer as well as photographer.
You did a fabulous job. You just did us proud!! I truly enjoyed every picture in the book.” —Nancy, Ole Miss alum


“What a beautiful book!   The pictures are totally gorgeous, especially the one at the end— amazing.  And it is fun to see the various people and places.  I've had the best time flipping through it, and I didn't even go to Ole Miss, so I know that the Ole Miss crowd is losing its mind.  Congratulations on a great contribution to Mississippi.”--Nancy, Vandy physician


“One only has to melt into each frame to sense the mood-altering effect of the Grove and Ole Miss at Oxford. Then the thoughts emerge:
           What year was this? This helmet, this jersey? 
           Now, what side of the Lyceum is this?
           What time of day are these shadows on the Confederate Monument?
           Is this a Toyota or Honda ’99?
He was in a hurry, but he stopped for this picture. Now, he’s history in Bill’s great book!” —Gayle, Ole Miss alum


"You have blessed me and our entire family beyond words.  May God bless you all your days and help you continue seeing the world through the lens of your heart."  – Trisha, Oxford Resident


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