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Nan Graves Goodman

Jackson’s own native son Bill Morris, often seen around town with his ever trusty camera, gives Ole Miss Rebel fans a real treat of a trip down memory lane. He shows Ole Miss in all of its glorious occasions in and out of the Grove’s allure of picnickers and partiers before and after home games, as well as an accurate and all encompassing look at the beautiful Southern town of Oxford, Mississippi. Morris captures rich colors as seen in an autumn’s day on campus, as well as the characteristic stroll of shoppers in and around the courthouse square on a weekend filled with Ole Miss fans and curious visitors. Famous buildings such as the Lyceum, Farley Hall, and Fulton Chapel, among many others, as well as notable buildings on the square, such as Square Books, Neilson’s, and the Courthouse all work the lure of nostalgia on the reader. Other historic photographs around town, such as Faulkner’s home Rowan Oak, as well as the cemetery where he was interred, give a rich look as well. Of special interest to sports fans, will be Hemingway Stadium, captured in the midst of games, both on the field and off. For a current look at this ever popular Southern destination, no book on the market fits the bill as this one by Jackson’s Bill. 


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